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Life BioNaD – Naturalised dyes replacing commercial colorants for environmentally friendly leather dyeing and water recycle  




01-JAN-2014 to 30-JUN -2016


Chemical Institute of organometallic compounds of CNR

Reduction in consumption of energy and water, and wastewater pollutant.
LIFE SHOEBAT – Promotion of best available techniques in the European footwear and tanning sectors ShoeBAT
01-OCT-2013 to 30-SEP -2016 Inescop Environmental improvements in the footwear and leather companies


LIFE DYES4EVER – Demonstration of cyclodextrin techniques in treatment of waste water in textil industry to recover and reuse textil dyes Dyes4ever 01-JUL-2013 to 31-DEC -2015 Aitex Reduce the chemical dosage in industrial wastewater
LIFE CO2SHOE-Footwear Carbon Footprint CO2SHOE
01-OCT-2013 to 30-SEP -2017 INESCOP Control reductions atmospheric emissions
LIFE ECODEFATTING – Environmentally friendly natural products instead of chemical products in the degreasing phase of the tanning cycle ECODEFATTING 1-OCT-2014 to 30-SEP -2016 Chemical Department “Ugo Schiff” – Florence Universit Reduction of use of chemical products, of water consumption and reduction of wastewater pollutions.
GREEN LIFE – GREEN LIFE: GREEN Leather Industry For the Environment GREEN LIFE 01-JUN-014 to 31-MAY -2017 DANI S.P.A. Reduction in the consumption of water, energy, chemicals and volume of wastewater.
Safe use of nanomaterials in the textile finishing industry. ECOTEXNANO 01-OCT-2013 to 30-SEP-2016 Leitat Enviromental tool for the application of nanomaterial by finishing processes
Planificación integrada y gestión sostenible de infraestructuras de saneamiento SANEPLAN 01-SEP-2013 to 28-FEB-2017 FUNDACIÓN INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE GALICIA water supply‚ information system‚ integrated management
Mitigation of microplastics impact caused by textile washing processes LIFE – MERMAIDS ——– 01-JUL-2014 to 31-DEC -2016 Italian National Research Council(CNR) Environmental management – Cleaner technologies, Industry-Production – Textiles – Clothing, Water – Water quality improvement
New generation of ecologic fire-resistant plastics PHOENIX   Aimplas non-halogenated flame-retardants, replace hazardous chemicals, produce sustainable fire retardant additives




From 2015-05-01 to 2015-11-01 Calvo Izquierdo In VENDA NATU-haft project, Calvo Izquierdo aims at implementing the MLSE technology in their manufacturing system to produce antimicrobial and hydrophobic bandages for sanitary use, based on natural fibres.
Eco friendly tanning cycle LIFETAN 01-OCT-2015 to 30-SEP -2017                  Agenzia nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l’energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile The LIFETAN project will demonstrate innovative natural products and technologies for the degreasing, fatliquoring, bating (softening), dyeing and tanning phases of leather production. It will build on the results of previous LIFE projects that substituted toxic chemicals used during the leather tanning cycle to produce significantly more sustainable products
Multiple Laser Surface Enhancement (MLSE) of textiles: An Eco-Innovation Project MLSE Eco-I project 10/07/2013 to 09/01/2016 HUDDERSFIELD & DISTRICT TEXTILE TRAINING COMPANY LIMITED The Multiple Laser Surface Enhancement (MLSE) system is a revolutionary break through which enables fibres and fabrics to be converted for enhanced hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, fire retardancy and antimicrobial functionalities without the use of chemicals or water.



Mitigation of the environmental impact caused by current DWORs (Durable Water and Oil Repellents) used in the textile finishing industry by analyzing their non-toxic alternatives MIDWOR-LIFE


01 – SEPT – 2015 to 30 – AUG – 2018 TEXTILS.CAT

Agrupacio d’Empreses Innovadores

Mitigation of the environmental impact caused by current DWORs (Durable Water and Oil Repellents) used in the textile finishing industry by analyzing their non-toxic alternatives
FUZZY MATHEMATICS FOR EVALUATING ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS IN WEARING APPAREL COMPANIES Nils Science and Sustainability Programme (ES07) Universidad Jaume 1 Castellón – Grupo SoGReS-MF Development of a measuring instrument to improve the knowledge and the impacts of textile industries on the environment
Sustainable Market Actors: Responsible Trade


SMART –H2020 01/03/2016 to 28/02/2020 UIO-University of Oslo – Department of private law The overarching objective of SMART is to do research that will serve to promote global, sustainable development within a circular, low-emission economy compatible with the planetary boundaries and in line with the international development goals
  SUSTEXNET From 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2015 AITEX SUSTEXNET is aimed at the establishment of a cooperation network among main textile agents across the Mediterranean basin to increase the competitiveness and sustainability in the whole textile sector.
RESearch centers of Excellence in the Textile sector RESET From 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2021 MUNICIPALITY OF PRATO Recycling in textile and waste disposal,Water consumption and energy saving, sustainable company organisations,New sustainable chemistry, including reduction of chemical substances, Smart textiles and new ways of production, New materials and new applications +393938677140