pielesA. Preparatory actions

A1.- Selection of parameters to be optimised for textiles treatment

A2.- Selection of parameters to be optimised for leather treatment

B. Implementation actions

B1.- Adaptation of MLSE process for textiles and leather treatment

B2.- Optimisation of textiles and leather treatment in the demonstration plant

B3.- Characterisation of functional textiles and leather

B4.- Validation of the technology. Goods prototypes manufacturing

C. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

C1.- Socio-economic and environmental impact assessment

pieles2D. Communication and dissemination actions

D1.- Creation of a project Web-site

D2.- Preparation of dissemination material, including Project Notice Boards

D3.- Participation in fairs and congresses

D4.- Publications, including the Layman’s report

D5.- Final Workshops/Conferences

E. Project management and monitoring of the project progress

E1.- Project management by ATEVAL

E2.- Networking with other projects

E3.- After-LIFE Communication Plan