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After 18 months of Project progress, the first tasks have been achieved and the results obtained should indicate a successful compliance of the initial objectives established by the partners.

First of all, the parameters to optimize have been selected for textile – home wear, upholstery and footwear – and leather treatment – products of animal origin. Those criteria have been defined according to structures, chemical nature, weight, dimensions, technical requirements and eventual economic restrictions to treat those items. From those requirements have been selected textiles and leathers as reference material to optimize the MLSE treatment for each of the functional finishes considered.

Then the multiple laser technology has been tested thanks to a pilot plant that gives good results at the moment. Standardized test methods have also been established to evaluate properties according to the final application of each type of material.

Finally, the measure of the environmental impact, compared with conventional finishing treatments processes, has shown a reduction of 99% of energy consumption and the cessation of use of hazardous chemicals.

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