TEXATHENEA S.L. is a textile company producing fabrics for home and apparel since 1996.

Thanks to a vertical production process, TEXATHENEA covers all the productive manufacturing processes, from fabric and jacquard development to dye, preparation, rotating and digital printing in different qualities and finishes.

With more than 30 years of experience in the textile industry, the company has developed steadily and improved services. ATHENEA has been a cutting-edge enterprise in the introduction of digital printing technologies, which endorses their expertise as one of the leading companies using this technology.

TEXATHENEA’s design department is comprised of a high skilled team of designers constantly committed to innovation. Furthermore, they also work in cooperation with more than 20 international designers.

TEXATHENEA offers a wide range of fabrics, of a large variety of qualities, colours and styles to home, decoration and fashion industries. The company is able to digitally print more than 150,000 meters of fabrics every week, and provides:

– Off the shelf products: ready-made for the final consumer.

– Digitally printed home products: a large variety of home textiles printed with the most advanced technologies.

– Digitally printed products for the fashion industries: without restriction as regards size or colour.

– Jacquard and woven fabrics.

– Contracts: development of products in accordance with FR requirements/standards.

– Customised products: the design department works in close cooperation with clients following fashion trends.

– Traditional printing: using rotary printing techniques.

– Dying and finishing: a wide range of finishing techniques to provide functional textiles.

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