NEWPORT relies on many years of experience dealing with many kinds of leathers using various tanning techniques, always with the greatest care for the environment, and leading market trends.

Customer service is the main concern of NEWPORT. Thanks to their high-qualified technical staff, the most advanced laboratory equipment, and specialised studies on fashion trends, NEWPORT works in cooperation with its clients to meet their technical, design and production requirements and needs. With the purpose of achieving excellence, NEWPORT is able to blend tradition and modernity in the brand “Made in Italy”. . Very carefully selected raw materials, innovative technology, effective products, and a flexible and efficient plant are the significant assets of the company.

NEWPORT carefully monitors all phases of production to guarantee the best performing products. The company relies on cutting edge equipment and specialised and qualified human resources. From tanning to retanning, NEWPORT has been constantly committed to studying, experimenting and proposing the most suitable formulations for the various production requirements.

Technology, creativity and innovation applied to every kind of product.

Exclusive creations for top-quality products.

For NEWPORT, ecology and quality are inseparable. The rationalisation of production processes, products that have a low impact on the environment, chemical-physical testing of leathers, fulfillment of anti-pollution standards. NEWPORT creates fashion while respecting the environment.

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