INESCOP, the Footwear Technological Institute, is a non-profit making organisation that develops scientific and technical activities of interest to the footwear and related industries, including the tannery sector.

INESCOP scientific-technical staff is comprised of a multidisciplinary team including experts in chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, microencapsulation, biotechnology, environment, computer science, electronics, telecommunications, design, etc. The laboratories are equipped with a wide range of testing equipment and facilities for quality control services. Moreover, INESCOP is focused on meeting the industry needs regarding applied research on the development and implementation of new materials and technologies, training, information and documentation, the Environment, industrial design and fashion.

Concerning material science, INESCOP has participated and coordinated numerous regional, national and European research projects related to the development and improvement of materials. In particular, material research has been focused on obtaining materials with multifunctional and smart properties aimed at enhancing the user’s comfort and well-being, as well as their safety and protection, also considering design and fashion related aspects.